Friday, March 14, 2008

the dentist = the old boogeyman

When I was little, I had a fear of the dentist... I'd cry and cry to my mom and dad that I didn't want to go. They always picked at my teeth and would put these big pieces of paper in my mouth that would make me gag so they could “take a picture” of my teeth, which I know now is x-rays. They’d also put this fluoride stuff in my mouth for a minute, which tasted terrible. I would just sit in the dentist chair and suffer while I tiredly held my mouth open for them. I couldn't wait till the appointment was over because then I got to pick out two prizes. I usually got a sticker and a bouncy ball. Nowadays, I'm too old for those prizes (at least that's what the dentist says.) I've grown up and got over the fear of going to see my dentist; she's just trying to take care of my mouth. I've suffered thought the pain of cavities, getting a root canal in middle school, and more.

I've also gotten over my fear of seeing the orthodontist. I use to hate it, probably because when I had my braces I would always have to come back in and they would tighten the brackets, which hurt really bad. I couldn't eat anything hard after they tightened them. I'd live off of jello, mashed potatoes, and chocolate ice cream :). My braces were on for a little over 2 years. I also had a head gear to get rid of my overbite. All the pain was worth it though, whether it be going to the dentist every 6 months or seeing my orthodonist every 3 months, which led to my beautiful straight smile. I may not have thought that all the pain was worth it at the time, but now I'm glad I suffered through it all. I'm happy I don’t get anxious or nervous anymore when I'm due to see the dentist or orthodontist.

research topic: tanning

I've decided that for my research paper
I am going to go into depth on the subject of.. TANNING
and the effects of it, pros and cons.

This article i found was about "smart tanning" and the author talks about how indoor tanning moderately will reduce your risk of getting sun burned, and how not all dermatologists are against tanning moderately. Where as, this article is about the "downsides of tanning" and how it can lead to cancer. For my paper, I plan to research both sides of the argument and I won't put my opinion on the subject in the paper.