Thursday, March 6, 2008

research paper ideas

Drug Use- focus on one specific drug, effects, how it changes peoples lives
Culture- of a different country, not America. Learn basic ideas
Traveling/Vacationing- trip statistics, where people go on vacation and why

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

how to sprain your ankle

I am a ditz; I trip and drop everything. Last thursday, on WPA night, I tripped on the ice after dinner at Osaka. I tripped on the ice in my heels. I can't walk in heels in the first place, let alone on ice. So it was pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. Right after I fell, my ankle was hurting me but the pain went away so I shrugged it off. Luckily I was able to dance, but for the pictures I probably have a nice big bruise on my knee, lovely. The next day, my ankle wasn't hurting me either, oddly enough. But that night it began to ache and it was hard to walk on so I began to limp around the house and my brothers started calling me "limpy." The next day I had to work and my foot was killing me, I really wanted to call into work and say I couldnt move but I decided to suck it up and limp around for the 4hrs I was scheduled to work. On sunday, my mom took me to the hospital because my foot was still killing me and part of my ankle was bruised and swollen. I got xrays done and it turns out that it was just sprained and they gave me a boot.

if were experiencing global warming, why is it snowing so much?

Global warming, isn't it suupsed to make our world warmer? So why is it snowing every other day in March still? Why is the weather so wierd? I decided to do some research on global warming to find out the facts. I

googled my question and found that Global warming and cooling cycles happen over a very long period of time. The current warming trend has been going on now for 18,000 years. What we're experiencing now in Iowa is localized weather and it's expected at this time of year. I also learned that March is actually the snowiest month. When scientists talk about global warming they're looking at the whole world over long periods of time, so I guess the "big" change in temperature is happening very slowly, and not as fast as I thought it would.

Now, I'm not complaining that the temperature hasn't been rising, because I know when summer comes, the heat is going to kill. But this harsh winter, worse than any I've ever seen in my lifetime, got me thinking about this question. I guess global warming hasnt really hit us yet, but maybe it will effect our summer temps? We'll see, whenever summer gets here.

Monday, March 3, 2008

sarah dessen: young adult author

Sarah Dessen is my favorite author, she writes about teen girls dealing with everyday life and common problems. Here's an overview of some of her books...

That Summer is about a 15yr old named Haven, who is dealing with her parents going through a divorce and her father is getting remarried and her older sister is getting married as well. Haven wishes that things would just go back to the way they were.

Someone Like You is about a girl named Scarlett who's boyfriend died and she is now carrying his baby. Scarlett's best friend, Haley, who has always been there for her, is helping her get though this time in her life. It's a book about loss and friendship.

Keeping the Moon, one of my favorite books, is about a girl named Callie who has lost a ton of weight because her mom is now a famous fitness person. Callie is forced to stay with her eccentric aunt for the summer while her mom is traveling around the world promoting her fitness equipment. While gone for the summer, she meets 2 girls at her job and they teach her how to love herself for who she is and break out of her "shy shell."

Dreamland, one of the more popular books by Dessen, is a book about a girl named Caitlin who meets seductive Rodgerson Biscoe, before long he starts abusing her and gets her hooked on drugs. Caitlin is so into him that she doesnt even notice how she is changing, and in the end she has to go through therapy.

This Lullaby, one of the 1st books I read by Dessen, is about a girl named Remy who isnt really into dating since her mom has remarried 5 times. Remy meets a boy named Dexter, who doesn't pass any of her "rules," but she then falls for him.

I love Dessen's writing because she writes about girls my age with problems and everyday life that I can relate to. She has a new book coming out in April of this year and i'm very excited to read it :)