Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the a.p. lang test.. (eeek!)

Last saturday I took the ACT test. I studied for the ACT with this big book my dad bought me that had practice tests and tips. The book helped, but I'm nervous to see my scores, because it was a difficult test. Coming up soon is the AP Lang test, on May 14th. Today I registered for it and it got me thinking that the test is less than a month away! And I have done little to no studying at all, besides the practice tests we took and the vocab words we learned in class. I will probably just buy an AP book on English Language. I need to start studying for it. We have done practice tests in AP and I have gotten really bad scores, so that is not helping my confidence with doing well on this test. I want to do well on it and I want to get college credit for taking this course. I find it very helpful that we do practice tests and learn new words everyday in class. After we go over the answers and/or the vocab words, and talk about them for a while, so it sinks in and I remember more that way. Overall, I am very nervous for this test, even though our class discussions do help. I hope to study a lot within the next few weeks and get a decent score!

perfect prom

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always dreamed of going to prom. It's like your wedding day; getting all dressed up and looking like a princess for a whole day. It's supposed to be the best time of you life. I've learned prom is very stressful though, and planning the big day out can create a lot of stress and drama. I got asked to prom this year by a senior friend, since Kennedy's prom is for seniors only unless a senior asks an underclassmen to be their date. I am very excited to go, but prom got me thinking about the pop culture of today.. We spend so much to look good! Prom is very expensive; a dress costs around 200 dollars and a tux rental comes out to be around 150 dollars. Plus shoes, getting your hair done, make-up, nails, etc. It adds up fast. Plus dinner, tickets, and flowers. Prom can blow your savings account through the roof. Since I've never been to prom, I am excited to see if all the money I spend is worth all the fun and memories I get from that night. Prom wasn't always this much money, it was a very formal dance at the end of the school year, but people didn't usually go all out like teens do today.