Thursday, April 24, 2008

show & tell grapic essay (response)

I thought the article we read with the cartoon and words called "show and tell" was very interesting. I really enjoy art and drawing so it was right up my alley. For my project after the AP Lang test, I think I am going to do a graphic essay, since I love to draw. I learned a lot from this essay. I learned you can use pictures to tell a story, without words. And you can, of course, use words, without any pictures. Although I think the best comics are ones who use both at the same time and they're balanced. Too many words is unnessesary if theres pictures to go along with the story. It would be very hard to do a graphic essay, because you have to know what you're going to say and be able to draw it well enough to make sure your reader understands what is happening. It would be hard to consider the drawings and words seperately. I like how McCloud, in the beginning, starts off with a boy doing a show and tell of his robot. The teacher asks him why he likes his robot and he says, "Because it can do this." (And then he shows the class how his robot can change into an airplane.) At that age, kids say "this" and "that" because they dont know how to explain. Which is kind-of like a comic, which needs both pictures and words to convey it's message. I think graphic essays are a kind of literature that often gets ignored but shouldn't be.

reality television

I used to be a big fan of the television, until I started getting more and more homework, and working. Also, the internet takes up most of my time because I'm always talking to my friends online. Or I'm on my cell phone, or trying to get my homework done. I basically never have time for t.v. anymore, which sucks because when my friends talk about their favorite reality shows I have no idea what they're talking about. I used to watch The Bachelor, What not to Wear, Survivor, Real World, The Hills, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives. It seemed like almost everyday of the week I would strive to get my homework done so I could watch "my show" at that specific time. My parents would yell at me to turn the t.v. off and go to bed, but I'd whine and whine, "Please mom and dad, it's my favorite show and it's only an hour long!" And so they'd let me stay up, if I was lucky, and finish the show. If I ever missed an episode I'd feel so lost, like I have to watch it or I'd miss something so incredible. Nowadays, I miss a lot of reality television but I've learned theres more important things than staying glued to the t.v. everynight, such as getting my homework done. I'll never forget my "reality tv obsession" but I'm glad I've slowly drifted away from it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

one person CAN change the world

In history we are learning about famous black leaders in the 1950's/1960's who have impacted society. Malcom X, an African-American, was sick of racism in the United States during this time, and wished to have two different societies; blacks and whites. He did not believe what Martin Luther King Jr. wanted. Malcom X and MLK had two totally different perspectives. MLK wanted racism and segregation to end and he told black people to "turn the other cheek" when white people would yell mean things at them. MLK also told his followers to boycott stores and shops without violence and to be strong, and not fight back, and to have a lot of discipline to ignore the hateful words and actions toward them. Malcom X, said the opposite, he was always very loud and clear about his opinions and he would not accept black people to be treated this way. He viewed all white people as terrible, cruel human beings and he wished to have a segregated society. (I.e. If you wanted to get a hair-cut and you we black, you had go to a black barber. If you were white and wanted to get a hair-cut then you would go to white barber. Malcom X believed that whites and blacks could NOT live together. Whites would come up to Malcom X and ask if they could do anything to support his cause because they believed what he had to say, but Malcom X wouldn't even give them the time of day, he hated white people. I never knew Malcom X and MLK Jr. were so different.

"...Early in life I had learned something... that if you want something, you had better make some noise." --Malcom X
"A man can't ride your back unless it's bent." --Martin Luther King Jr.

doing some good for the world

Yesterday was April 22nd, otherwise known as Earth day. Behind our house is, what used to be, a creek with trees and wildlife. It's very pretty, except for the fact that there is a lot of garbage and littering in the water. My brothers and I used to hang out at the creek all the time, it's very peaceful and sometimes I would go back there just to "escape" and get some peace and quiet. I would go back there to read, or maybe even do homework, or just explore with my brothers. On earth day, a couple of years ago, my brothers and I decided to go back to the creek in our icky clothes so we wouldn't get all muddy, and pick up trash and move rocks so the stream would go faster and stop getting blocked by all the litter. It was really fun, and we improved the creek a lot. We even made areas where we could sit and hang out. We also made a waterfall with rocks. Every earth day from then on, my brothers and I continued to go down to the creek and clean it up. It was a fun tradition that we had, until houses started being put up around the creek and we stopped going. It was sad, seeing our "secret hang out place" dissapear. It's still there, it's just kind-of impossible to go to now that the weeds around the creek have grown so tall and most people don't enjoy you walking around in the backyard to get to the creek. I miss the creek, a lot, and I know my brothers do too. But I am very proud of myself and my brothers for trying to do some good for the world and having fun at the same time. I think that's what Earth day is all about.