Monday, May 12, 2008

mothers everywhere

Yesterday was Mothers day, the day to honor all the wonderful mothers in the world. They do so much; they cook, they clean, they do the laundry, they even hold jobs outside the home. They drive and drive around town, dropping off kids right and left at sports practices and music lessons. They help their children study and prepare their school lunches. They are superwomen, they do EVERYTHING. For mothers day, I usually wake up early to make my mom a nice breakfast in bed and make her a card and buy her flowers to plant. But yesterday's mothers day was a little lazy for me since I got home at 5am from prom. I was much too tired to do anything, and I feel bad about it now. :( My mom does so much for me, and I should have taken the time to atleast make her a card telling her how important she is to me. Her birthday is in 4 days though, I'll make it up to her then by getting her a good gift. I remember in 4th grade I bought this journal and on each page I had a letter of the alphabet with a picture (that i drew with crayons) of something about her. (For example, (A) My mom makes the best apple pies. and (S) She has a gorgeous white smile that lights the room.) Cheesy little stuff like that was what I said in the journal. It was probably the best gift I've ever gave her and It was called the "book of mom." She loved it and still has it to this day. I'm glad I spent so much time on it, along with any other gift I've ever gaven her, because she is very important to me and she deserves all the time and effort I put into any gift.

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