Thursday, May 22, 2008

summer fever and distractions

With school ending in less than 2 weeks, and the weather getting warmer.. kids are slacking off with their homework and wanting to get out of the house and do someting.. I'm also constantly working, so when I get home from work I'm too exhausted to "hit the books." I procrastinate instead, do my assignments at the last possible minute. It doesnt help that teens have all these distractions either. By distractions I mean instant messaging, texting, talking to people on their cell phone, hanging out with friends, and facebook. I'll admit that technology is keeping me from my school work and I know its affected a lot of other people as well. I try to hide my cell phone and turn off the computer when I study, but I'm so used to doing these things that I just can't keep them off and focus on studying. Nowadays, when we talk about distractions, we think of cell phone usage while driving. I used to not be able to make phone calls and text while I drove.. but now that I'm getting better of a driver and I'm a little more experienced, I can pull it off. I also can mess with my iPod and pick the song I want, while at the same time attempting to keep my eyes on the road. Its not easy to multitask but sometimes it just feels like you have to text that specific person back or they'll get mad, but I know messing with your phone or iPod is dangerous and I should stop. This summer my goal is to not become so attatched to all this new technology and focus on having a good summer and getting outside and enjoying life; away from a cell phone and computer.

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